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    [fllcs guide for irc dicing] MUST READ.



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    [fllcs guide for irc dicing] MUST READ.

    Post by FLlC on 2012-02-22, 06:30

    hello there you guys may have seen me in Rs. my name is fllc. add me if you want i've been dicing a while with cora dyce. and i have made alot of mistakes and i have made accomplishments so ima tell you a guide and a methood i use to win bets in cora dyce:}. step 1 pick a cool host that your friendly with and know your oppenents that your going to be dueling.

    step 2: make sure your bring half of your cash stack example:10m=5m = lower bets and more profit

    step 3:pre rolling pre rolling can be a bitch at times but i do it and wait till u get a rambo of 7 8 9's and once u get that low number wait and bet.

    step 4: make sure to know who ur betting and bet wisely dont go all in at once like i did now im cleaned aha.

    if you liked this guide plz leave a comment below:ENJOY. SINCERELY FLLC/JON What a Face

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