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    Making training less boring


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    Making training less boring

    Post by shy_ninetales on 2012-03-10, 10:25

    Hey guys I've just joined the community and seen alot of awesome guides and stuff about RS and Online. So I've decided to write a guide on how to AFK properly.

    A question someone might ask is "Why afk?" the truth is that sometimes RS gets boring and you need something else to stop you being bored. On RS we are also able to do
    a range of skills such as woodcutting, fishing and even combat training without much attention. This means that we can have the fun of doing something else and the benefit of
    getting XP Smile.

    So I'd just like to share a few of my tips with you guys, that I personally use when im AFKing on RS.

    1. Play Browser Games while playing RS

    To find these games go to google and type in "Fun Flash Games" and you'll get a large list of games to play.

    However I have a favourite game which is:

    I found this game on google at
    This game is very fun and addictive and I highly suggest playing it! This game is also easy to find on google by searching Big Fish.

    2. Watch TV Series Online -

    3. Watch Movies Online

    This part is going to be quiet vague as there are so many movies.

    Go to and read the list of Top 250 movies, and watch any movies you haven't seen before.

    Here is an example of my setup while I'm playing RS and watching Dexter.

    As you can see it works quiet well, the RS screen is easily visable so I can watch the show and play RS Smile.

    Goodluck and happy AFKing Smile.

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    Re: Making training less boring

    Post by badassrary on 2012-03-10, 10:34

    that fish game looked gay at first but it turned out to be pretty fun haha and vampire diaries ftw

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