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    <<<leaked>>> "Merchant Secrets Revealed"... How to effectively increase your Net Worth ( sparc macs Guide ) <<<leaked>>>


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    <<<leaked>>> "Merchant Secrets Revealed"... How to effectively increase your Net Worth ( sparc macs Guide ) <<<leaked>>>

    Post by Dds_lets_go on 2012-05-17, 17:48

    hope you guys enjoy Smile))))))))))

    This guide will be based on merchanting. After learning how-to use what you have learned in this guide properly, it CAN be used as the most efficient way to trade between two accounts resulting in profit for one. Say a hiend is short Zm.. or maybe 10m.. 50m...100m.. there is a method available which makes this possible; which will be explained in this guide. You guys know I DO NOT support real world trading. The method you will learn in this guide will teach you the roots on how it's made possible. You will be able to gain profit on your original amount. There is no easy way to simply trade a certain amount to another account. This has been made very clear for years now.
    Although with a not so recent update.. it had given us the capability to do so. The Grand Exchange. You might be thinking... well.. I'm not a merchant. The use of the Grand Exchange is really 'the only' efficient way to trade between two accounts. Keep in mind
    this method can be used individually, in other words you do not need another account with money on it in your possession to use the techniques discussed in this guide. Let's not forget that there is Bounty Hunter/ PVP Worlds, but these sources are NOT reliable. The basis of this guide is the idea and method on how-to successfully "trade between two accounts" /or increasing your net worth with the techniques/methods shown. I cannot stress enough that you would not need another account to do this successfully. You could take advantage of this method simply by working it's magic in the rlailv trade market within Rs I'll explain this further later on in the guide.

    This is a method that can be done daily depending on the market's situation. It is 'THE WAY' to increase your individual net Worth. Items will be constantly changing in price. Depending on the amount you have to Work with and the time period planned to do the trading, it will be up to you to make the right decision on which items to use. Hopefully after reading the introduction you have a good idea of what We'll be covering in this
    guide. Before discussing the method lets go over the basics of merchanting.
    Basics of the Grand Exchange/ Merchanting
    I'm sure most of you guys reading this already know the limits on the grand exchange. For the sake of this guide I'm going to go over them in the basics. Feel free to skip ahead. In reality the Grand Exchange is VERY much like the real World! The Laws of Supply and Demand: If an item is in high demand with low supply, then its price will increase. Clear Example: Partyhats

    If an item is in low demand with high supply, then its price will decrease. (Varies )
    If an item has the same amount of supply as demand, the price will stay relatively the same. (Example... Whips are being dropped and brought into the game at the same rate people are buying them) The Grand Exchange Works on a "first come, first serve basis". If you Want to buy something that isn't exactly easy to get Via the GE, you are going to want to be first in line. To do this you must put your offer in for that item as fast as possible after the most recent update. 4 Hour Limit - This means when you buy a item from either a player or the grand exchange you must now wait 4 hours to sell that item. Easy Enough? Good! Lets continue 2) This is a list of items and their limitations per 4 hours:

    Arrows / darts etc. - 10,000 Pouch - 5,000
    Raw fish - 20,000 Treasure Trail items - 2
    Food - 10,000 Weapons Ex. Whips - 10
    Potions - 10,000 Discontinued items - 2
    Ores - 25,000 Barrows - 10
    Bars - 10,000 God Wars armour - 10
    Essence - 25,000 Dragon - 10
    Bones/ big bones etc. - 10,000 Planks - 10,000
    Frost dragon bones - 1,000 Flax - 25,000
    Talismans - 5,000 Bow String - 10,000
    Herbs - 10,000 Jewehy - 5,000
    Logs - 25,000 Gems - 5,000
    Max amount within one trade screen: 2,147,483,647 - 2.147Bil
    With a 3+ month friend added the maximum traded with 270 quest points every 15 minutes is
    240,000 240k.
    Potentially you could trade just shy of lm Worth simply Via this method.

    The Method:

    The most successful merchants started somewhere. This all begins with getting the amount of money possible to Work with 'up'. This is exactly What this method will provide.

    Unfortunately for the most part, prices and item status will not be the same and straight forward. Prices and status on items will always be changing. There are Two major ways to transfer or gain net worth. There is a minimum, med and maximum amount to offer for a item when purchasing through the grand exchange. Basically you have two ways to do this. Either a item that is above med price (Buying / selling for higher in GE) or a item that is being sold for minimum in ge) The f’n'st method IS safer.. but will need more effort. The second method; purchasing for minimum will be more effective depending on
    the individual. Typically for every 20-30m there is a potential of 3-4m gain. (Roughly 15%+ of what you had originally paid) (Items being sold for minimum) Basically items that are being sold for minimum have a gap between minimum and med. That gap is the profit you will be making per item bought/ sold. This is where it can be used efficiently
    to trade between two accounts. The more money to work with = more profit to be made quicker.

    Example 1:

    Let's say Third-age amulets are selling for minimum. You buy two of them for There
    minimum price is 20m. The med price is 22m. This is a 4m increase for you once sold. You then sell this to Player B in return for the med price. You now have 4m more than what you had originally. Keep in mind.. you don't need a 'dummy account' or someone that is willing to give you money. You can make deals in trade worlds such as world 2, where you can break even taking deals with 4m So say you bought these two amulets and sold them to a another player trying to get rid of their crashing Keep in mind the prices you spent and the increase
    you made from min-mid. Either way you look at it, it's a win-win situation. You now have the same amount you had originally, but with a (certain) amount of increase. Crashing items are normally the result hom a manipulation clan. These items can be often gotten rid of through various trades. For example.. say a spectral shield is going down. You can trade + money depending on the items situation in the market for this spectral shield. This aspect of the method will become very clear once you have experimented with the market/ know how to look at certain prices / item status. Don't let others take advantage of you! Have the mindset that you are the one in charge.
    How to get rid of junk?
    There is quite a few ways. Lending items. Camping G/e until that item updates. Working your way down through other trades. I know there is so much grey area in this method, but this will all come with experience. Don't give up if this seems overwhelming.. just
    stick to it and it'll come naturally!

    Let's remember that these are just examples. The concept is what your trying to focus on. As you experiment yourself, you will learn to use the method more efficiently. Practice makes perfect!

    Example 2:

    Let's say H'ween masks are currently 'crashing' or selling for minimum in GE. You buy 2 Green H'ween masks for minimum at 90m. The med price is 95m. Originally you paid 180m for these two items, but in result end up with a l0m+ increase on your initial purchase. Starting to understand how those sites can offer you hundreds of mils within days? If you understand the way things work.. you will become successful. Normally with an example like this, people will be willing to give a certain amount of cash + for your h'ween mask/masks. They know the item they're trading for (ex. h'ween masks) will not lose much value quickly. It's basically a win-win situation, which is why this method can be very efficient to making money. I'm sure most of you guys don't have hundreds of mils lying around. You can start out small, but it's clear the more money you have, the more you have potential to make.

    Current Items that work during the making of this guide:

    Treasure trail masks: Steel Dragon mask, Bronze, Frost, Etc.
    If you placed a offer for these items at minimtun, they will buy. Normally a 2m + Increase per 20m. (+l0%) Not too shabby eh?

    But remember, isn't always easy to get rid of. I wouldn't suggest doing dragon masks unless they're stabilizing. The key item to scope out while doing this method would be a item that has a street value of just a bit below minimum'. This often means that item has potential of actually selling for minimum.. but this isn't what you want to do with it. You want to flip the item after purchasing it for minimum so you make the profit min-mid. The closer the street value is to minimum, the easier your job will be while getting rid of that item via trade.

    Example 3:

    Let's say whips are currently selling for minimum. 10 whips/ 4 hrs at 3m minimtun. That initial 30m will turn into 33m, leaving you with 3m profit once sold. Items that have been manipulated through clans: These are always a option, but are very dangerous to work with. They will often crash to the point close to where they had originally been bought out. (Considering another clan doesn't pick them up) These work decently, but usually require high amounts of quantity to make profit. This is definitely not a good thing considering that items being manipulated will crash losing a majority of their % / net worth. If you are willing / have to get rid of street value this is always opt1on.
    Mix and match what fits your needs. This guide isn't to make guidelines. It's to show you the method so you have the understanding to use it. Flipping is another option. Meaning you buy a quantity/ item, in 4 hours you then sell the item for more than what you had paid in the GE. It isn't always hard to pinpoint which items are the best to use for this method, so I'd suggest looking at the graphs and using what you think will work best. Of course you wouldn't flip a crashing item, normally items will relatively stable graphs are the best to flip. I normally put a offer in for max and see the amount the item is going
    for. Then you would buy up your stock for relatively the same price. I'm not going too much into detail on flipping because this guide was focused on the net Worth increase method.

    Thank you for purchasing my guide, I really do appreciate it.
    I hope this guide helps you out.
    Tim/ Sparc Mac & me ( dds lets Go ) for sharing lol! lol!
    EDIT::this was before free trade Returned


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    Re: <<<leaked>>> "Merchant Secrets Revealed"... How to effectively increase your Net Worth ( sparc macs Guide ) <<<leaked>>>

    Post by opg on 2012-05-22, 17:45

    This is reeeaaalllllllyyyyyy long...
    I didnt read it all but becouse its so long it looks good Very Happy

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    Re: <<<leaked>>> "Merchant Secrets Revealed"... How to effectively increase your Net Worth ( sparc macs Guide ) <<<leaked>>>

    Post by CM on 2012-05-23, 18:27

    It really just restates what everyone does everyday. Merching is an old thing and I would never pay for that...

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    Re: <<<leaked>>> "Merchant Secrets Revealed"... How to effectively increase your Net Worth ( sparc macs Guide ) <<<leaked>>>

    Post by Neo on 2012-05-25, 09:23

    opg wrote:This is reeeaaalllllllyyyyyy long...
    I didn't read it all but because its so long it looks good Very Happy
    Same here ... i prefer being poor and i don't read that Very Happy


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    Re: <<<leaked>>> "Merchant Secrets Revealed"... How to effectively increase your Net Worth ( sparc macs Guide ) <<<leaked>>>

    Post by 5pu on 2012-05-27, 16:41

    nice guide. =p

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    Re: <<<leaked>>> "Merchant Secrets Revealed"... How to effectively increase your Net Worth ( sparc macs Guide ) <<<leaked>>>

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