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    ~ Guide to a Secure Account - For Dummies ~


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    ~ Guide to a Secure Account - For Dummies ~

    Post by James on 2012-06-03, 23:17

    Hello, and Welcome to my guide on keeping your account secure!

    In this guide, I will be giving you some top tips on security Very Happy You will never be hacked again Razz. So, without further a do..., let's begin.

    1. Passwords

    - Do not let ANYBODY know your password. Not even your mum! She could be an under cover spy Razz
    - Do not use the same password for lots of sites. If one of them is found out, then you're screwed.
    - Change your password regularly!
    - J Mods will never, ever ask for your password, nor will moderators.

    2. Bank Pin

    A bank pin can be very useful. If somebody does manage to get on to your account, then your valuable items are safely locked up in your bank. Do not tell anyone your bank pin either! Also don't make it something like your birth date, as someone could easily guess this.

    3. Recovery Questions

    These are very important. If you do get hacked, then you can retrieve your account back easily with these. Make sure that the questions are personal, and only you can answer them. However, not easy, like when is your birthday. You have most likely told people this.

    4.Keep personal information quiet

    There’s no reason another player needs to know your:

    Real name
    Email address
    Credit-card details
    Personally identifiable information

    Keep your password secure

    Be imaginative when you first create your password. In addition, it increases your security if you use a different password for your Rs account to those you use on other websites.

    5. Fake People

    Cheats might fake emails or claim to be official Fagex staff able to offer you items or mod status. This is normally just so that they can get you to provide you with your password. You can always tell if someone is a Fagex Moderators from their gold crown in-game – don’t believe anyone who claims they’re a mod unless they have a gold crown in-game. Remember, Fagex will NEVER ask you for your password.

    Anything to do with a Moderator application will always be sent to your message inbox.

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    Re: ~ Guide to a Secure Account - For Dummies ~

    Post by Shygodd on 2012-06-06, 12:56

    Nice Very Happy

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    Re: ~ Guide to a Secure Account - For Dummies ~

    Post by Raging|0RAB on 2012-06-06, 20:41

    Common sense for some, great information for others. Great guide!

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    Re: ~ Guide to a Secure Account - For Dummies ~

    Post by WeBbY on 2012-06-14, 16:00

    thanks buddy!
    A World

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    Re: ~ Guide to a Secure Account - For Dummies ~

    Post by A World on 2012-06-14, 16:08


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    Re: ~ Guide to a Secure Account - For Dummies ~

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