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    Piety U's|H4RM's Fight Caves Guide


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    Piety U's|H4RM's Fight Caves Guide

    Post by Piety|H4RM on 2012-06-22, 18:52

    Introduction: So as we should all know by now, the fight caves has been around for some time, and the only reason why we try the fight caves is to have fun and obtain the firecape. I am seeing people having hard times trying to get it so i thought id share with you guys how i got it.

    Set up and stats: I am going to be listing gear set up for people with around 40m and up and for people with around 2m ish

    Set Up for 40m or more// Set Up for low Wealth
    Helm:Robin Hood Hat// Helm:Proselyte
    Neck:fury// Neck:Glory
    Cape:Any god cape// Cape:Any god cape (guthix is cheaper)
    Ammo:4-5k Bolt Racks// Ammo:4-5k Bolt Racks
    Body:Black D hide Body// Black D hide Body
    Legs:Bandos Tassy's// Legs: Rune Platelegs
    Boots:Ranger boots// Boots:Snakeskin boots
    Gloves:Black D Hide Vamps// Gloves:Black D Hide Vamps
    Ring:Archer Ring// Ring:Archer ring
    Weapon:Karil Crossbow// Weapon:Karil Crossbow

    I recommened that you have 70 range+ and 50 prayer+, defence I guess does not matter to much seeing how one defence pures do it all the time, But i think at least 40 defence helps against those level 90 rangers. For what you should be bringing in your inventory, what i brang was 1 ranging flask (6), 9 sara brew flasks (6) and the rest was super restore flasks (6). Incase you guys do not know what these items do i will explain, sara brews increase your defence by 10-20 levels, however they reduce all of your combat stats by around 10. Super restore flasks restore your stats and your prayer, you combine the two flasks, drink one brew to heal your hp, drink one restore you get your stats back to normal and restore you prayer. NOTE: Brews restore around 120 hp, if you are down by say 300 hp you do not have to drink 1 brew, 1 restore, 1 brew and 1 restore. How it works is 3 sara brews to 1 super restore.

    Monsters of the fight caves

    There are 7 monsters (including jad) in the fight cave
    Level 22 birds:These little guys are annoying becuase they drain your prayer even if they hit a 0, you want to get rid of them fast
    Level 45 fat guys:Harmless really, If you have around 60 defence or above they wont be hitting hard on you, note that once you kill it 2 more will spawn

    level 90 rangers: These guys are really the only pain in the fight caves, always pray range when against them (until you reach wave 31 and above)

    [level 180 melee's: these guys can hit very high, but are not to much of a threat when they are trapped

    level 360 magers: you encouter your first 360 on wave 31, from there on out you ALWAYS prayer mage everytime the wave starts

    level 700? or 600 jad: Used all 3 combat styles: range, mage and melee, can hit a max of around 980

    Map of the Fight Caves

    As you can see there are 2 safe spots, you want to use the south-west one throughout the entire game. If you look at the south-west safe spot you will see that there is a point, anything that spawns will be trapped at that point, which helps out alot. HOWEVER there is an odd spawn which is directly south of the safespot. You ALWAYS want to be look that way just incase you get an odd spawn.

    Throughout wave 31 and above like i said you want to be praying protect from magic, but in some cases like wave 54 to 61, you will have a 90 ranger, 180 meleer and a 360 mager, you have to get rid of the ranger first IF its next to the mager, if the ranger is trapped some1 else and cant attack you while you are attacking the 360 mager, then just kill the ranger after. Oh and the 180 is trapped most of the time so you dont have to worry about him.

    A Wild Jad Has Appeard

    ok so you reached wave 62, wave 62 is easy because it only has 2 360 magers and as long as you pray against mage, you will be fine. when your killing your last 360 mage you want to get your hp to max and your prayer to max. You also want to be able to be close to the safespot. As soon as you've killed it you want to run to the safe spot and pray mage (mage is the jad's most common attack). Now If you get a good spawn/normal spawn then you can just stand in the safespot till he comes to the point where he will be trapped and cant attack you. HOWEVER if you get the odd jad spawn (the spawn south of the safe spot) you want to run to the oppistite side of the point, he cant attack you on that side, this helps for when you panic. Now when you get jad's life down you around 1/4 healer will come and well...heal the jad. You dont want to rush this. watch what the jad is doing, If he uses a mage attack, pray mage and then attack a healer, wait for jad to do an attack again, prayer against the attack and attack a healer. One you have all 4 healer onto you, you want to bring them into one of the 2 safespots (depeneding if you got a odd spawn). When i say bring them to th safespot i mean you stand on the safespot but bring the near the area, jad will not be able to attack you and thats good becuase you now want to pray melee and take out the healers. Once you have done this you take baby steps, just pray what he uses, if you panic go to the safespot to recover, he's npt going anywhere. Oh and about the safespot, if he uses an attack, and then you run to the will STILL hit you!!!! you want to watch what he does, say he uses a ranger attack, pray rand and then run to the safespot. After some time hopefully you kill the jad and obtain the firecape Very Happy

    I hope this has helped you all out, contact me ingame if you need some more questions to be answerd, ill post a link with better detail on the jad and these "spawns"

    Here is also someone doing the fightcaves, I suggest you watch this understand what i mean about the "point" and them being trapped and how theres one odd spawn for jad becuase this guy gets it.

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    Re: Piety U's|H4RM's Fight Caves Guide

    Post by WDDD on 2012-07-07, 16:37

    Nice guide.
    Thanks for sharing! Very Happy

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