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    Controversial ways to make Money in F2P


    Le Kodin|Nivlac233

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    Controversial ways to make Money in F2P

    Post by Le Kodin|Nivlac233 on 2012-07-24, 15:39

    As of now, this thread will only contain 2 methods and is an addition to my previous guide, although I would like to keep this thread separate as my previous guide methods would not receive as much disagreement to using such a method. These however are different. It will be better explained in the methods below.

    Requirements: Ability to click, type, follow, and have an instinct to not get scammed.
    Cash per hour: 0k-5m/hour (on average for myself)
    With drop parties and giveaways such as trivia and hide and seek, they are common ways to make money for many different people as it's fast and easy. It also doesn't bore you like how so of the other methods would as it often has competition. Of course, competition is usually exciting. To find these, the best way is to just camp in the middle of the Grand Exchange and either just stand there or high alch, superheat and etc. With drop parties, it's best to focus on whoever is dropping, once they say that they're dropping, or they're running around stopping on a few spots, that would signal that the drop has started. Try to get onto the second or third square that the host stops at as the first one and sometimes the second one would be crowded making it nearly impossible to pick anything up. One you're on the square that you desire, continue checking on the host and where he/she is stopping next. You have to memorize those spots as they will also contain items that will appear after the item on your square. As soon as the item on your square is gone, move on to the next spots. To help you memorize the spots easier, look at what's close or nearby to the square. If it's just a little bit east to a tree or rock, then you'd easily know where to go when it's needed. When on your spot, it's best to spam click as you'll often be competing with auto-clickers. Beware of Marker Plants, clan vex's, and Commerative Statues as if you click on them, you will move away from your spot. Should there be a marker plant or anything else, it would be best to just wait for the item to appear and right click, look for the item on the menu, then pick up the item. As soon as the drop is over, be sure to give your thanks to the host, regardless if you got anything or not. As soon as you're done, you may go back to the grand exchange to look for more. With giveaways such as trivia, it's usually who knows the best. Although it could be very useful to have 2 other tabs open. One with the Rs hiscores, and one with a search engine. The Rs hiscores would be useful if the host asked what one of their stats were which is both common and in need of guessing. With the hiscores, if the host happened to be the member, it would show all the stats in the skills he/she has. Once you find the desired skill, just switch back to your Rs tab, and give the answer before anyone else. If the host is F2P, it's best to just guess judging their combat level. For example, a level 126 would more likely have close to 99 in everything then say a level 20. The search engine is if they ask something which doesn't involve guessing and also if you don't know the answer. If they asked for let's say the new album to their favorite artist, you could simply use the search engine to your advantage and look on legitimate websites for the answer. There are also many other methods to give away cash. Some often being legit such as Drop Parties, Trivia, and hide and seek (not mentioned above). Then there are those fake and scamming giveaways. These are often called Trust Game or Bid Game. Those two are the major two. Just leave immediately when they ask you to trust them with your money. Like, LEAVE and go find a legit party. Then there are those giveaways that are just there to troll others, as in fake drop parties, and fake trivia. They almost never scam you, they just want to waste your time. It is obvious when the host describes the party as something over 25m given away, or if they're giving away a rare. These are usually only legit when it is part of a major clan such as Cora Dyce dropping 100m every Friday. Another way to tell is if the host is walking back and fourth and giving you a tour of Rs, or if their username is troll-related. These may occasionally be legit, although the chances are, you'll just end up wasting your time. The reason why these trolls do this is because they disagree with this method and want to make everyone that uses this method to suffer, or if they're just there to waste anybody's time. If you have any questions regarding this method, please just post the question below. Please leave feedback on this guide as I've never written a guide on giveaways.

    METHOD #2, Looting at Rune wars.

    -Will be posted tomorrow-

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