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    Short guide to IRC Dice Duels.

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    Short guide to IRC Dice Duels.

    Post by Nr on 2012-10-14, 04:03

    This is a short guide to explain how IRC dice duels work.

    After placing your wager on a host the host will either call out the wager and look for a caller or do it vs theirselves. The maximum wager amount a host can do vs theirself is 5m. For anything above 5m the host will have to find a caller. 10% Commision is deducted from every wager that the host has been a middleman of. If the wager is done vs a host you will recieve the full pot.

    ---- Commands ----

    !roll = To roll the two-six sided dice. Rolling the dice without being in a dice duel will count as a private roll.
    !newdice = To Reset/Give yourself a new dice. You can only do this if you have rolled atleast once with your current dice.

    Example of a dice duel happening in the IRC:

    The red area represents the dice duel being created. After that you can roll your dice for the wager. The dice used is a 2-6 sided dice meaning your rolls will be between 2 and 12. The highest number rolled wins as showed on the example pot. The purple area represents the completed pot. That will always show the name of the host/Winner of the pot and the score.

    If you enter two pots at once you will have to roll individually for each pot. Your first roll will count for the pot that was created first, the second roll will count for the second pot created.

    If you are away/disconnected or refuse to roll the host is allowed to forceroll after 1 minute. The forceroll command creates the same roll as the person(s) that have not yet rolled inside the duel would have rolled.

    You may also request for multiple-way duels, meaning there are over 3 players in the same pot. In a multiple-way duel always confirm with the host in the friends chat or clan chat, not all hosts are willing to host multiple-way duels.

    If you are looking for a refund/want to rewager your winnings or are requesting for a multiple-way duel always do so in the friends chat/clan chat first, hosts often have their public chat on hide and may not notice your message.

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