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    Dolzo's Merching Guide.


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    Dolzo's Merching Guide.

    Post by Qwerhy|Dolzo on 2012-11-24, 15:14

    Now I thought lets do a fully detailed merching guide #1 for reputation #2 for an extra legitimate post and #3 to help you guys out.

    Now there are a few ways to merch and here are just a few of my favoutires.
    F2P: Now a good item to flip merch in F2P is Nature Runes. If you dont know how to flip heres a guide: Buy the item you wish to flip e.g. Nature rune buy it for 1k, then sell it for 1gp, now right click on the G.E clerk and view your history, whatever it says you bought the nature rune for is how much you sell it for and however much you sold it for is how much you buy it at.
    Now another fairly good method of merching in F2P is making rune sets, so what you do is you buy each piece of the rune set, e.g. rune helm, rune platebody, rune plate legs and rune kiteshield, buy them all for normal price, you can buy multiple stock of each piece, you then go to the G.E clerk again and make it into a set and then sell the set for normal price, you'll make about 4k each set, and if you make 100 sets thats about, 400k.

    P2P: Now P2P is just the same but with different items, the rune changes to an armadyl rune, and armour changes to Torags.

    Now you may say I need alot of money to make alot, and this is true, but if you just invest a little into it then build it up then you can gamble and make money and merch Smile

    Hope you enjoyed the guide post any queries or criticisms on here Smile


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    Re: Dolzo's Merching Guide.

    Post by Nova on 2012-11-24, 16:24

    Nature rune obv troll?

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