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    Tutorial ~ How to get rich

    Martin | SC5

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    Tutorial ~ How to get rich

    Post by Martin | SC5 on 2012-12-16, 21:41

    Guide by SC5!

    Alright guys whatsup. Got cleaned recently and want to make yourself to the top again?
    Did you get scammed, hacked or you just have a problem making money?

    $$$$ This a tutorial on how to rebuild your bank $$$$!

    I've splitted the tutorial into 3 parts.
    - The badass way
    - The trout-licking way
    - The woodcutting way

    Alright. Lets start with the first part.

    The badass way

    The first thing you wanna do, is locate yourself in the westbank of varrock. [Picture below]

    Now you have to climb down the stairs, and hopefully reach the basement
    If you have smooth shoes, an animal as a girlfriend or diare, do NOT enter the basement.
    This has to be done extremely quickly, because thieves and mogs are everywhere in this city.

    The main thing you want to do in the basement is collecting Pennys. In the northeast cornor of the baws-ment, you will find 3 gp, which is respawning every 30 secounds. [Picture below]

    "Yeah thats cool, but what's the profit?"

    You collect 3 gp and it respawns every 30 secound
    That means u will have 3gp every single 30 secounds (Einstein)
    after an hour calculating, you will find out that, it's 0,1 gp a secound.
    by calculating 0,1gp into into minutes you will say 0,1 x 60 which is 6 gp (6 gp a minute.. pretty sweet yeah)
    you are playing 10 hours a day, therefore you wanna calculate it to hours. ( 6 gp x 60 = 360 gp an hour)
    Your daily profit ( 10x360 = 3.6k)

    PART 2

    This is one of my favourite moneymaking methods.

    When you read the title of the method you might be like "Eating trouts, how is that going to have an effect on my stack posetively?"

    I can gladly announce you, that it's way more than "eating trouts"


    - A girl in-game character [or a shemale]
    - A victim

    I won't use alot of time telling you how to do this, the picture shows everything. [picture below]

    "gawd dang, just tell me what da profit is!!!"

    The profit in this case is:
    - 2m an hour (depends on how much clothes your wearing, or how less)
    - Strange thoughts
    - A full friends list.

    PART 3

    Thanks for reading/watching


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    Re: Tutorial ~ How to get rich

    Post by Joe on 2012-12-16, 21:46

    I'll make sure to follow this guide Smile

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    Re: Tutorial ~ How to get rich

    Post by joeyyxd|hete on 2012-12-16, 21:53

    Followed your badd ass part. I got 10k in just week!! Nomjkfnojmnidjfjd

    Game Changer

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    Re: Tutorial ~ How to get rich

    Post by Game Changer on 2013-01-09, 19:27

    wow dude thanks for the guide really helped. Im going to go make bank now.

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    Re: Tutorial ~ How to get rich

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