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    RPS (Rock,Paper,Scissors) Guide


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    RPS (Rock,Paper,Scissors) Guide

    Post by Bothers on 2013-01-14, 14:04

    Rules of CoraDyce RPS (Rock,Paper,Scissors)

    Just like regular "rock, paper, scissors", you pick a dueling weapon of some sort at the same time as another player and hope you beat them.  Cora Dyce has turned this into a fun gambling version! Very Happy

    How do I play?

    1. Trade a RANKED host in Cora Dyce friends chat your wager (all maximum wagers still apply)
    2. Wait for a caller.
    3. Go to #CoraDyce IRC just like dicing.
    4. /query CoraDyceBot
    5. Once the game starts, type !rock, !paper, or !scissors in the Private Chat window with CoraDyceBot to choose your dueling weapon.
    6. Wait until the game finishes, and the results will show in irc.
    7. Collect your winnings, if you do win the game.

    How does it work?

    The CoraDyce bot records both players' choices privately until the dueling weapons are chosen.

    Once both players choose, the bot plays out the game and selects the appropriate winner.

    Possible Outcomes:

    Rock beats Scissors
    Scissors beats Paper
    Paper beats Rock.

    Tie= replay game.

    That's basically everything.  Let me know if I need to add or get rid of something in my guide <3

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