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    99 Magic guide by Jay


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    Re: 99 Magic guide by Jay

    Post by Connor on 2013-08-09, 04:46

    Christina wrote:
    Connor wrote:
    Houred wrote:
    LetMeSkull wrote:Got 99 Magic 2 days ago! My first 99. Alched same time as i8myrice2day and DuhYellowAzn and we all got it simultaneously. Very Happy
    Congratulations! I remember the feeling of getting my first 99 Very Happy.
    getting that first 99 is legit the best feeling. you get to wear that sexy skill cape Very Happy

    and you just feel so much better than the players that dont have skillcapes haha
     It annoys me when people gravedig things for the sake of an extra topic to post on. Ffs.
    Lol. Now you're just asking for me to reply.

    The thread is at the top of the section to begin with so I didn't bother looking at the date of the previous post


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    Re: 99 Magic guide by Jay

    Post by killerzz888 on 2013-08-17, 22:28

    what can i do im ftp atm but any reccomendation from 10 onwards

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