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    Cora Credits - Released (an introduction)


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    Cora Credits - Released (an introduction)

    Post by Zodz on 2013-08-11, 21:01

    Last time I wrote a thread about Cora Credits, it was just some crazy idea. Many of u supported and Some did not at all.
    Now thanks to our developer Timer, our leader Andy and some awesome support it's FINALLY here I want to remind u guys of the usefulness
    1. People can gamble on Mobile. [IRC app needed]
    2. It is safer than so many trades in-game [less likely banned]

    3. Create and Join your own games between friends
    Player's start by giving a host money in-game
    The hosts load the customer's account on the bot - "cash in"
    Now the Player can...
    -- use !help to learn about everything,
    -- use !credits cashin (amount) to let a host know you're ready to cash in
    -- use !21 List to see all available Blackjack or "21" games they can join/call
    -- use !Dice List to see all available Dicing games that you can join/call
    -- use !21 wager (amount) or !dice wager (amount) to start your own match!
    -- use !credits cashout (amount) and wait for a host to cash you out! Use !credit confirm so a host may complete second trade window
    --use !jackpot to see how much time is left until the Jackpot is given away! The jackpot is only given to those who have recently played a game! So make sure u always have money in your account so you can get the jackpot. The Jackpot is filled from commission earned from games. It's a random amount from 1m to 20m each time (so it's a jackpot every minute or 30 minutes practically)
    When hosts cash in someone, and Cash out someone – they earn 1 Transaction point. The host will earn payment from these points.
    These are not the full commands! I think host Daft_Punk will write a manual. This is just a nice little introduction for you
    So join #Cora, play some games with your favorite hosts – and expect more awesome updates (that some of you have probably already heard and seen Razz) in the near future!!

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