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    Uhm.. I just got an account for free?


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    Re: Uhm.. I just got an account for free?

    Post by [Eth111] on 2013-08-31, 20:25

    Veny wrote:
    Jaycubb wrote:
    Jon wrote:
    Daft Punk wrote:Trust Jon, he's been banned for every reason in the book.  Including soliciting MMORPG prostitutes in game.

    you forgot to mention when I got banned for following a JMod around and throwing confetti over him.
    aahahahah I lol'd irl to this
    I went in a mod marks fc and advertised selling condoms.
     Very Happy
    This has gone from a thread about me getting a free account and then now, its about how people got banned in ridiculous ways. Yay?
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    Re: Uhm.. I just got an account for free?

    Post by Bf on 2013-08-31, 20:29


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