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    goal: 20m cash



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    goal: 20m cash

    Post by mro2013 on 2013-10-28, 13:04

    i asked for a ban today in the irc channel because when i get like 2m,, i go dice it and get myself cleaned..and i am in this cycle for 2 weeks or so now.. so now i can finally gain some money first b4 i go dicing again..

    how i do this?
    train my range and do some green drags
    grab zammy wines
    charging air orbs
    etc etc..

    i also do warbands, i could sell the supplys to some1 for 1,5m .. i just die @ green drags and your able to loot it ;)so if your interested, pm me, its quiet alot of xp

    update: made 5m yesterday which is 2m from begging lol.. its funny how many people give you money when you ask for it lol

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    Re: goal: 20m cash

    Post by G on 2013-10-29, 01:52

    Good luck, green dragons is some pretty good money. Smile

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