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    How To Survive/Tank Effectively in PvP/Combat Situations


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    How To Survive/Tank Effectively in PvP/Combat Situations

    Post by Paul on 2014-03-03, 04:16


    Sometimes (most of the time in my case) brute strength isn't the way to overcome your enemy. In my case I use cunning and shield abilities. I hope you will utilize this guide and benefit from it. I sure did-I'd rather have my trusty Divine than an off-hand Drygore!
    I realized how much people overlook a shield. Based on my excellent performance in PvP with a shield, I couldn't resist to share with you this guide.
    To maximize the effectiveness of the abilities down, you must, of course, have the best armor you can get. (See my avatar and choice of armor/weapons)

    Divine spirit shield: Reduces all damage by 30% at the cost of some of your current prayer points (lasts until your PP run out)
    Reflect*: My favorite shield ability. It reflects 50% original damage back at your attacker AND reduces 50% damage received-i.e. 1,000 hit on you would be reduces to 500 and would reflect 250 damage back. It's also great if you're being piled by many people! (lasts for 10 seconds)
    Anticipation: One of my favorite abilities. Reduces all damage by 10% and gives you immunity against stuns for 10 seconds. (lasts for 10 seconds)
    Backhand: Shield abilities all still cooling down? Opponent beating you down relentlessly? About to die with no other option? This beauty gives you the extra three seconds you need to regain that shield ability and turn the fight back into anyone's game by stunning the opponent. If they plan to use a combo Threshold attack such as Assault, this automatically halts it and saves you thousands of damage. (lasts for 3 seconds-may vary if the opponent uses the Freedom ability)
    Punish: This isn't a shield or tank ability but use it after Backhand for that extra damage!
    Freedom: If you are good at predicting your opponent's next move, you may not need this because you should always use Anticipation before a fight-opponents tend to use a Stunning ability first or in the first 5 seconds of battle. This ability frees you from all snares/stuns and clears those pesky bleeding damage-over-time abilities.
    Resonance: This is my favorite shield ability tied with Reflect, especially since, unlike Reflect, it gives you adrenaline (not a Threshold ability)! The next hit in 6 seconds will heal you. This is great if you have fast reflexes and/or the opponent is planning to use an offensive Ultimate ability such as Overpower. Yes, if they hit 4,000 with the aforementioned ability, you will be healed for 4,000!
    Preparation: This doesn't reduce damage, but each attack will reduces resonance by 3 seconds so you can heal even more often. As with the Reflect ability, it's great if you're being piled because Resonance will cool down almost instantly, depending on how many people are attacking you. Use this after Resonance ALWAYS. (lasts for 10 seconds)
    Debilitate: Reduces all damage by 50%. (lasts for 10 seconds)
    Sever: Reduces all damage by 10%. (lasts for 10 seconds)
    Barricade: Completely negates ALL damage. If you used this and every person in Rs suddenly attacked you, you would come out without a single scratch. (lasts for 10 seconds)
    Rejuvenate: A favorite ability of many. Restores 40% of your total health. A good alternative to Guthix's Blessing because it heals more and faster (although Guthix's Blessing doesn't need a shield and heals exactly the same amount as Rejuvenate). (lasts for 10 seconds)
    Pulverise: You won't need a shield for this ability. Dealing 219% of your normal damage, this ability then reduces 25% of damage. (lasts 20 seconds)
    Guthix's Blessing: Heals the same as Rejuvenate, with the downside being that the butterfly heals you only every 2 seconds and that it can be attacked and killed. (lasts for 20 seconds)
    Immortality: This is one of my favorite Ultimate abilities, because it reduces all damage for 25%! If you die during the time, you will not die, but respawn right on the spot and be healed for half of your total life points...however if you die 5 seconds after using it, you will NOT continue to get a 25% damage reduction for the remaining 25 seconds. Use this if you're about to die. It's so funny to see the look on your opponent's face as they say "GF" to find you still standing there and fighting strong! "WTF? YOU'RE STILL ALIVE!"  (lasts for 30 seconds)
    Penance aura: I absolutely love this aura. Combined with a Spirit shield, one is practically invincible. This aura restores prayer for damage you receive, and coincidentally, the Divine spirit shield reduces damage at the cost of prayer points! This lessons the prayer drain DRAMATICALLY and I've found it extremely useful. 
    Leviathan ring: This has an insane armor bonus for a ring. It also has a 2% chance to reduce incoming damage by 50%!

    *With the correct combination of shield/reducing damage abilities/equipment your opponent will be damaged for more than you are.

    Hope you enjoyed my guide and will test it out. I tell you, these abilities are ABSOLUTELY amazing and so many people overlook them!

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    Re: How To Survive/Tank Effectively in PvP/Combat Situations

    Post by CM on 2014-03-03, 04:51


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    Re: How To Survive/Tank Effectively in PvP/Combat Situations

    Post by Iamtaba on 2014-03-03, 10:13


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    Re: How To Survive/Tank Effectively in PvP/Combat Situations

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