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    The Real Zodz

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    Post by The Real Zodz on 2015-01-12, 02:47

    I mean, it's hilarious how petty he's being.

    on Rand

    'Off-topic' Post:


    Rand al'Thor wrote:
    Zodz wrote:
    Nr wrote:Considering Zodz's post above about too many slaps on the wrist happening before a punishment, which is ironic considering how many he has gotten, I'd say a slap on the wrist is a good enough solution here. Wouldn't want any double standards, now.

    admins don't get slap on the wrists (obv)
    What a stupid thing to say.

    Zodz wrote:Why wasn't this thread locked?
    I know it's difficult for you to read, so I picked out the relevant quotes from the moderator's post:
    Nr wrote:I'll leave 24 hours for folks to reply to the thread and will then lock it...

    ... Yeah, I don't like to lock threads before "options" have been considered and the dispute can actually be closed with a proper resolution, punishment involved...

    ... If Andy feels the need, he can always overwrite me. I doubt that ending up being the case here. I'll still keep a 24h window up and then close the thread.


    Dear Zodz,

    - You're not a mod. Don't try and be.
    - I'm not trying to be funny or anything, but you're genuinely thick, so if you're thinking of doing anything, don't do it as it's almost certainly wrong.
    - Stop acting like a child and grow up. You're fucking 25, lmao.


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    Re: Again...

    Post by Cannons on 2015-01-12, 03:27

    The only bit that Rand said off topic to the situation at hand was "What a stupid thing to say". But then again he was answering to Zodz' off-topic post of "admins don't get slap on the wrists".

    I can understand how Rand could feel the need to address this because not only does Zodz get obvious slaps on the wrists, but the grammar of his post made it a double whammy (for me atleast).

    Also, Rand basically did what Zodz did, he followed an off-topic post with an on-topic one (addressing Zodz's question), so should Zodz also get a two day ban? Or should Rand not be banned in the first place. (Imo the latter because he should have at least warned Rand like Nr does).
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    Honorary Member

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    Re: Again...

    Post by Nr on 2015-01-12, 06:19

    Why is Zodz interfering with the moderation of the disputes section? The way I understood he has the ban permissions, but not for anything to do with forum moderation. Am I getting this wrong...?

    The dispute was already resolved, not too much harm done. I also don't see the purpose of Zodz's question, anyway. The answer was above, I wasn't going to give a different one.

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    Re: Again...

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