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    me again



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    me again

    Post by Charlie on 2015-04-24, 20:36

    its been another 3 months since i've posted here to i am going to ask you guys to do something.
    if you remember me, try to remember at least one thing about me or something we did and post because i feel very nostalgic atm. Thanks Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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    Re: me again

    Post by Christina on 2015-04-25, 07:36

    You did a prank call in teamspeak which was later moved to skype, I think you called some hotline for a child protective service thing in the UK. It was you, me, Jacob, and maybe someone else whose name I do not remember at this time. Anyways I think I laughed so hard I peed my pants a bit. Ahhh 16-17 year old me...and child Charlie.

    It was awesome and at the same time, looking back on it, so wrong. XD


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    Re: me again

    Post by Lelz on 2015-04-26, 07:27

    you're a faggot

    omfg christina


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    Re: me again

    Post by sloppy on 2015-04-26, 07:47

    Your a straight up g, nuff said


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    Re: me again

    Post by Paul on 2015-04-26, 23:19

    I observed that you come here every so often, post once, then leave again. Razz

    You were like "true" then left. Very Happy 

    Welcome back

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    Re: me again

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