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    Guide to avoid getting scamed


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    Guide to avoid getting scamed

    Post by urusashaland on 2011-09-11, 04:34

    Doubling money: It's just always a scam, the scam consists on this, the scamer keeps doubling low ammounts, he keeps going and going and going, till you trade a high ammount of money, that's what he is waiting, do not fall for this
    Scam the doubling money scamer: This is a low ammount, but this is an expression to say to the scamer "GF noob.", trade him 10k (if he's not a nooby lvl 3) and when he doubles you, just walk away.
    Then watch his expression of "WTF?" and say "GF noob." Wink

    The bidding game: Ahh....the bidding game, yeah, this is actually one of the best scams in-game, avoid this before you fall for it! trust me.
    This consists in a bidding game, that you give an ammount of money, for example, 10k and you trade it, then the scamer gives it back, the highest ammount wins an expensive price.
    Trust me it's a scam, sometimes, these clever scamers, make a double log in, making "false biddings" and if they're for example, making 2 bidding games, they give the first item to their other's account, and many people falls for that.
    Trust me, do NOT fall for this.
    Scam the bidding game scamer: It's not a scam, you just say "no one bid" and you put 1gp, after no one bids more, he'll have no choice to log out, and it would be a "GF son." and you and all the people who was in the game can report him, till he gets bann XD

    Trimming armour: Lmfao! This is one of the most nooby scams, rune armour, cannot be trimmed to saradomin unless you're a member, trust me it's bs. This sometimes happens with the "double log in" that his other account gives him rune armour, and he gives to it saradomin, trust me do NOT fall for it.

    Dicing game scam: Of course on this clan is not the problem, do ALWAYS dice with trusted clans, also AVOID false accounts, for example, let's suppose i'm a host, and there appears another guy called "urusashaiand" when my name is "urusashaland", these false hosts, are always low lvls, or that normally, do ALWAYS read the host's names and their lvls.

    Making membership: This is bassically a hack, (I've fell for that when I was young and nooby), some noob tells you he'll make you member, just giving him your username and password, after you give it, GF ACCOUNT, trust me, it's not worth taking the risk, if you cannot pay a membership, do NOT do it and keep saving money till you get your own credit card.
    How to scam membership's scamer: Tell him to make your lvl 3 account member, if he doesn't then you just say "You fucking lier piece of shit, GF noob."

    Goodie bagg: This is actually a scam, a guy might tell you "Goodie bag, 50k each, prices are full rune ftw Very Happy", he'll make like 30 numbers, and then, after you pay lots of them, when there are a few, GF MONEY AND FULL RUNE.

    Fast trade scam: Oh this scam, this doesn't work quite often since the Rs updates of free trade, DO always look at the next window, in first and second "accept", remember that no one gives you full saradomin for 2m or something like that.
    How to scam the fast trade scamer: After he puts a different item, fastly switch it you too, for example if it's full saradomin 4m, switch to 400k, then you'll give a lesson to the scamer Wink

    The Full inventory scam: This scam works rarely, the scam consists on some random guy giving full inventory of for example, full lobsters, and he says to show inventory, after you show, he trades the lobs for inventory, and you simply forget you'll trade it, THIS ONLY WORKS IN REALLY DUMB 3 YEARS OLD PEOPLE, but it's still a scam though
    The full inventory anti-scam: Put all your items in bank, then trade him, and after he declines the trade for lobs, please say "why don't you trade me noob? keep scaming? N.O.O.B" and you can also laugh at his face all you can, LOL

    More tips will be updated soon! Hope it helped guys!

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    Re: Guide to avoid getting scamed

    Post by Babak on 2011-09-12, 00:04

    You forgot about the 28 Item scam. Where the person claims to give 28 items for free (ex. sharks) and tells you to show your inventory for space and accept.


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    Re: Guide to avoid getting scamed

    Post by FR on 2011-09-12, 00:26

    Nice guide. This is a POSITIVE opinion. Smile.

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    Re: Guide to avoid getting scamed

    Post by 18 on 2011-09-14, 23:31

    I've actually never thought about scamming back on the fast trade one Surprised

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    Re: Guide to avoid getting scamed

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