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    Will be waitting for my cash



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    Will be waitting for my cash

    Post by LTU-Aquatic on 2015-07-04, 20:39

    Appereantly ricgood scammed my 16m 07, also iamtabas 20m 07 [idk if he gona pay him], but ricgood keeps saying he paid me today [before even leaderboard finished, LOL, and kept asking loans all day from other ppl still [so you can think if he reall did pay me then lol]] and yeah... they did let hi mcashout after leaderboard, even tho he did not give any proof he paid me. Also why he didn't have to be cashed out: he manipped the bot [got proofs if needed] he told a lot of times and made posts you all scam. He made joke out of himself saying: i_own_rex scammed 5m 07. How did he scam him? The ywere manipulating leaderboard last week and ricgood lost 5m from commision so as rex, but after lb rex did not cover him back his 5m from commision, so ricgood said he's a scammer. But ricgood told alrady he kinda didnt manip with rex, so why should rex pay him 5m commision loss?

    Yeah, I did giveaway 600m+ did huge drops and I would scam my own 15m 07? ok

    ps: i will be waitting for my cash, no matter how many posts and discusses i will need to go threw

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    Re: Will be waitting for my cash

    Post by Joe on 2015-07-04, 20:58

    can't you children sort this out yourselves l0l

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