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    Cora Genius #4....


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    Cora Genius #4....

    Post by Allen1 on 2015-08-03, 06:50

    The Cora Genius of the fourth rank...Indeed, a sight to be contempled.

    But who holds this honor...history has shown that tetralogy is indeed an arcane skill. And it was Bobby Fischer, chess champion, intellectual extraordinaire, who promulgated that the fourth move in chess is the most critical. It was also Abraham Lincoln that called upon the four best virtues of man : Loyalty, Dignity, Integrity and Honor. And 700 BC, it was Rome that was thought to have 4 pillars that barricaded intruders.

    Without further adoo, here is the special number 4.

    Sanne. An enigma. This man is nothing but wits if you have had enjoyed the opportunity to converse with him. Extremely intelligent, extremely troll, extremely "wow".


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    Re: Cora Genius #4....

    Post by 3sanne4 on 2015-08-03, 11:03

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