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    Hey! I'm Mirador


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    Hey! I'm Mirador

    Post by Mirador33 on 2015-10-12, 18:11

    Yesterday was my 4th year here on Cora and I decided to make this post to tell my story, say goodbye and thank everyone.
    Back in 2011 I was returning to Rs, a lvl 60 noob with 200k cash lol. I started playing a little bit and a friend introduced me to dicing. I had no idea what it was until this guy showed me. I was amazed, I finally could finance all my Rs adventures without skilling an entire week for 100k. (Never really made a lot, the most I had ever had was like 300k.) So with this new discovery I proposed myself I would profit and finally be able to buy all the armour I wanted, buy the best gear possible and the game without worrying I had to skill Razz

    Sometimes I played on random guys around the GE and other times I hosted. (Brace yourselves, also remember my cash stack was like 200k lol) I still remember, my max pot was 15k and when I was in a winning streak I would raise it to 30k. I played like that for some time until I met this other guy, we became friends and we decided to set up a fc. Why not? Yolo.  He could set up a lot of advs so we knew the Fc was going to get people (It was at my fc). We actually got a lot people and the fc stayed alive a few weeks! I remember making my 1st mill, holy shit never had that much. Got a few hosts and the fc was doing good. In here I made 20m. This was incredible, I mean I started with like 200k. Now I was owner of a active fc and with 20m. Anyways, I don’t remember exactly what happened if I had to stop playing for some time, became inactive and I think I had a few fights with the adv guy and I decided to stop the fc.

    In the GE multiple times I had seen the Drop Party’s Cora did so one time I decided to follow the guy to the Dp. (I don’t remember which host it was) I saw there were also advertising their forums so I decided to join, and that’s how it begun. Until then I have been in Cora Razz .  I explored the forums and I saw you could make an application to became host so I went for it. Cora was one of the biggest dicing clans and I didn’t know how it was going to be at all but I decided to try it. I had to. It always seems impossible until it’s done Razz . I never thought It would take so long haha but with the help of a friend <3 I eventually became host.

    I met so many good people in here Razz I became part of the community, hanged around the spirit tree always, it was very fun. We group chatted in tinychat (I think that’s how it was called, don’t remember exactly). There was also a clan called Chill Spirit Tree.  Later came “Our Cult” Razz
    It has been a very nice ride, really. Throughout time friends have gone and arrived and it’s sad that I won’t talk to some again :/  oh well..

    It has been incredible now that I see where I started. I feel also that I could have done more as a host but by the time  I was ranked the clan was already dying  and my activity wasn’t so high as it was back in the day :/ sorry for that.

    I dont know if I was the youngest member to get ranked, It would have been cool Razz

    Thanks everyone for all these years, the community. It was very nice to meet all of you. It was good while it lasted Smile

    I will still visit the forums from time to time until something happens to the clan.

    It was really nice to meet all of you. Thanks for all these years.
    I can't really name everyone that I have met in four years. Each one of you knows what role you played  I love you

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    Re: Hey! I'm Mirador

    Post by Joe on 2015-10-12, 21:42

    omg wow <3

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