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    dicing guide (0s9)


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    dicing guide (0s9)

    Post by 0S9 on 2011-10-09, 18:32

    hey guys, i would like to share a few helpful dicing tips with you :

    1) always screen shot your bets ( to insure scamming saftey )

    2) dice an amount of money you will not be sad to lose [ around 5 percent of bank] for example if you have 100m don't dice 50m , cause if you lose you will dice the other 50 and end up cleaned. so be careful with your bets and don't over bet.

    3) always double check you are trading the right person , and add imposters to ignore list..

    4) stay longer at cora dyce because i will be hosting frequent drop parties so you might get something!

    5) have fun dicing Smile

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