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    Summoning Pouch Database by Luke

    Host Luke

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    Summoning Pouch Database by Luke

    Post by Host Luke on 2011-07-01, 19:51


    Take your first steps to Summoning, doing Wolf Whistle quest. It will level your summoning to level 4. Wolf whistle quest guide: This guide is about Summoning Pouches. You can check everything about Pouches in here.

    Good to know

    Pouches can be used if you Right click your Summoning pouch, and click 'Summon'. If you don't already have a monster/pet on, your pouch dissapears and a summon starts following you. Summoning Monsters can use scrolls to attack, or spawn something. Attacking monsters can't attack in Single area. You need to go to Multicombat area.


    2:Level needed
    3:Charm needed
    4:Second item
    5:Xp (When making pouch)

    Spirit Wolf:1, Gold charm, Wolf bones, 4.8, 6min

    Dreadfowl:4, Gold charm, Raw Chicken, 9.3, 4min

    Meerkats^:4, Gold charm, Spider Carcass, 12.6, 40min

    Spirit Spider:10, Gold charm, Red spider egg's, 12.6, 15min

    Thorny Snail:13, Gold charm, Raw thin nail, 21.6, 16min

    Granite Crab:16, Gold charm, Iron ore, 46.5, 18min

    Mosquito:17, Gold charm, Proboscis, 46.5, 12min

    Desert Wyrm:18, Green charm, Bucket of sand, 31.2, 19min

    Spirit Scorpion:19, Crimsom charm, Bronze claws, 83.2, 17min

    Spirit Tz Kih:22, Crimsom charm, Obsidian charm, 96.8, 18min

    Albino Rat:23, Blue charm, Raw rat meat, 202.4, 22min

    Spirit Kalphite:25, Blue charm, Potato cactus, 220, 22min

    Compost Mound:28, Green charm, Compost, 49.8, 24min

    Giant Chinchompa:29, Blue charm, Chinchompa, 255.2, 31min

    Vampire Bat:31, Crimsom charm, Vampire dust, 136, 33min

    Honey Badger:32, Crimsom charm, Honeycomb, 140.8, 25min

    Beaver:33, Green charm, Willow logs, 57.6, 27min

    Void Ravager:34, Green charm, Ravager charm, 59.6, 27min

    Void Shifter:34, Blue charm, Shifter charm, 59.6, 94min

    Void Spinner:34, Blue charm, Spinner charm, 59.6, 27min

    Void Torcher:34, Blue charm, Torcher charm, 59.6, 94min

    Bronze Minotaur:36, Blue charm, Bronze bar, 316.8, 30min

    Bull Ant:40, Gold charm, Marigolds, 52.8, 30min

    Macaw:41, Green charm, Guam, 72.4, 31min

    Evil Turnip:42, Crimsom charm, Carved turnip, 184.8, 30min

    Spirit Cockatrice:43, Green charm, Cockatrice egg, 75.2, 36min

    Iron Minotaur:46, Blue charm, Iron bar, 404.8, 37min

    Pyrelord:46, Crimsom charm, Tinderbox, 202.4, 32min

    Magpie:47, Green charm, Gold ring, 83.2, 34min

    Bloated Leech:49, Crimsom charm, Raw beef, 215.2, 34min

    Spirit Terrorbird:52, Gold charm, Raw bird meat, 68.4, 36min

    Abyssal Parasite:54, Green charm, Abyssal charm, 94.8, 30min

    Spirit Jelly:55, Blue charm, Jug of water, 484, 43min

    Ibis:56, Green charm, Harpoon, 98.8, 46min

    Steel Minotaur:56, Blue charm, Steel bar, 492.8, 38min

    Spirit Graahk:57, Blue charm, Graahk fur, 501.6, 49min

    Spirit Kyatt:57, Blue charm, Kyatt fur, 501.6, 49min

    Spirit Larupia:57, Blue charm, Larupia fur, 501.6, 49min

    Karamthulhu Overlord:58, Blue charm, Empty fishbowl, 510.4, 44min

    Smoke Devil:61, Crimsom charm, Goat's horn dust, 268, 48min

    Abyssal Lurker:61, Green charm, Abyssal charm, 163.2, 41min

    Spirit Cobra:62, Crimsom charm, Snake hide (dark-green), 276.8, 56min

    Stranger Plant:63, Crimsom charm, Bagged plant, 281.6, 49min

    Barker Toad:64, Gold charm, Swamp toad, 87, 61min

    Mithril Minotaur:66, Blue charm, Mithril bar, 580.8, 47min

    War Tortoise:67, Gold charm, Tortoise-shell, 58.6, 43min

    Bunyip:68, Green charm, Raw shark, 119.2, 44min

    Fruit Bat:69, Green charm, Banana, 121.2, 45min

    Ravenous Locust:70, Crimsom charm, Pot of flour, 132, 24min

    Artic Bear:71, Gold charm, Polar kebbit fur, 93.2, 28min

    Phoenix*:72, Crimsom charm, Phoenix quill, 301.2, 30min

    Obsidian Golem:73, Blue charm, Obsidian charm, 642.4, 55min

    Granite Lobster:74, Crimsom charm, Granite (500g), 325.6, 47min

    Praying Mantis:75, Crimsom charm, Red flowers, 329.6, 69min

    Adamant Minotaur:76, Blue charm, Adamantite bar, 668.8, 66min

    Forge Regent:76, Green charm, Ruby harvest, 134, 45min

    Talon Beast:77, Crimsom charm, Talon beast charm, 1015.2, 49min

    Giant ent:78, Green charm, Willow branch, 136.8, 49min

    Fire Titan:79, Blue charm, Fire talisman, 695.2, 62min

    Ice Titan:79, Blue charm, Air + Water talisman, 695.2, 64min

    Moss Titan:79,Blue charm , Earth talisman, 695.2, 58min

    Hydra:80, Green charm, Water orb, 140.8, 49min

    Spirit Dagannoth:83, Crimsom charm, Dagannoth hide, 364.8, 57min

    Lava Titan:83, Blue charm, Obsidian charm, 730.4, 61min

    Swamp Titan:85, Crimsom charm, Swamp lizard, 373.6, 56min

    Rune Minotaur:86, Blue charm, Runite bar, 756.8, 151min

    Unicorn Stallion:88, Green charm, Unicorn horn, 154.4, 54min

    Geyser Titan:89, Blue charm, Water talisman, 783.2, 69min

    Wolpertinger:92, Crimsom charm, Raw rabbit + Wolf bones, 404.8, 62min

    Abyssal Titan:93, Green charm, Abyssal charm, 163.2, 32min

    Iron Titan:95, Crimsom charm, Iron platebody, 417.6, 60min

    Pack yak:96, Crimsom charm, Yak hide, 422.4, 58min

    Steel titan:99, Crimsom charm, Steel platebody, 435.2, 64min

    NOTE1 * To summon Phoenix, you need to complete In Pyre Need.
    NOTE2^ Meerkats are reward from Treasure Trails.

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    Host Luke

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    Re: Summoning Pouch Database by Luke

    Post by Host Luke on 2011-07-01, 19:52

    Still adding couple pictures.

    EDIT1: Added some pictures, going to add more soon.

    Regards, Luke

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    Re: Summoning Pouch Database by Luke

    Post by DivineOli on 2011-07-01, 20:28

    Excellent work as usual..Smile
    Host Luke

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    Re: Summoning Pouch Database by Luke

    Post by Host Luke on 2011-07-01, 20:29

    Thanks Wink.

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    Re: Summoning Pouch Database by Luke

    Post by FHRAGSY on 2011-09-27, 20:18

    Nice Guide Bro Very Happy

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    Re: Summoning Pouch Database by Luke

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