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    Toy Horsey guide. [Edited]


    Nicotine Cat

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    Toy Horsey guide. [Edited]

    Post by Nicotine Cat on 2011-11-16, 18:01

    A Toy horsey is an item made as a joke by Fagex, poking fun at the requests made by players to have horses.
    Toy horseys are obtainable from Diango for 150 coins each, and come in four different colours:

    White -

    Black -

    Grey -

    Brown -

    When playing with the horsey, an animation appears showing the character playing with it.
    Text appears above the player's head, which will be a horse related-phrase such as:

    1) - Come on Dobbin, we can win the race!
    2) - Hi-ho Silver, and away!
    3) - Neaahhhyyy! Giddy-up horsey!

    You will need only cash and random luck.

    1. You give a ranked Host your bet and choosing between c/h/n (letters).
    2. The Host will call for your bet.
    3. Another player bets the same amount of cash and choosing a nathor letter.
    4. After all bets are done, Host click on Toy-horsey ("play-with Toy horsey"). After that in public chat will come up one of following phrases:

    C - Come on Dobbin, we can win the race!
    H - Hi-ho Silver, and away!
    N - Neaahhhyyy! Giddy-up horsey!

    The one, who got the right letter(phrase) win the bet x2 - 10%.


    P.s Cookies to RJD2. Like a Star @ heaven

    Good luck. :] *sorry for mistakes in grammar*.

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    Coo kay

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    Re: Toy Horsey guide. [Edited]

    Post by Coo kay on 2011-11-16, 21:49

    Was this originally your idea or are you just restating it in the forums
    Phear | iLich

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    Re: Toy Horsey guide. [Edited]

    Post by Phear | iLich on 2011-12-11, 18:45

    this was a pretty good guide imo Razz
    Mage Makkara

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    Re: Toy Horsey guide. [Edited]

    Post by Mage Makkara on 2011-12-11, 18:52

    i' have a deja vu feeling

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    Re: Toy Horsey guide. [Edited]

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