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    Merchanting Guide! @ Mirador33



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    Merchanting Guide! @ Mirador33

    Post by Mirador33 on 2011-11-23, 03:38

    This is my Most Recent Guide. Is now finished! Razz
    The price is 100k for the first 3 to buy it
    Is new so i need people coments Razz
    So.... I hope many people will be interested in the guide Very Happy

    Was dificult to me to edit the Image Razz

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    KFC | Free

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    Re: Merchanting Guide! @ Mirador33

    Post by KFC | Free on 2011-11-23, 08:33

    i usually merch on my own, secret items and certain dump prices.
    but you look like a good mercher.


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    Re: Merchanting Guide! @ Mirador33

    Post by uigotserved/m3 on 2011-11-25, 22:11

    how do you know if hes good? does he have any pictures of bank? Im not trolling but all I saw was a pic of his edit Smile post some proggies

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    Re: Merchanting Guide! @ Mirador33

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