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    Revenants guide. [F2P]


    Nicotine Cat

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    Revenants guide. [F2P]

    Post by Nicotine Cat on 2011-11-23, 13:22

    Revenants are the ghostly versions of creatures slain in the God Wars, and are amongst the most dangerous type of monsters in Rs. Revenants can be found in the Forinthry Dungeon, for players brave enough to kill them and get rewarding drops.
    Most players choose to avoid the Forinthry Dungeon by virtue of the fact that it is still a PvP area.

    Revenants' Magic and Ranged attacks have very long ranges, allowing revenants to strike even if they cannot be seen on the screen, though you can still hear the sound effects, and what seems to be limited numbers of long ranged attacks. All of their attacks are strong enough that it is common for revenants, aside from perhaps the lowest-levelled ones, to hit over 130 life points of damage at once. Revenants have the ability to heal themselves up to around half health 15 times when their life points become low.

    List of revenants:

    1. Revenant Imp (level 7) -

    2. Revenant goblin (level 15/22/30/37) -

    3. Revenant icefiend (level 45) -

    4. Revenant pyrefiend (level 52) -

    5. Revenant hobgoblin (level 60) -

    6. Revenant vampyre (level 68) -

    7. Revenant werewolf (level 75) -

    8. Revenant cyclops (level 82) -

    9. Revenant hellhound (level 90) -

    10. Revenant demon (level 98) -

    11. Revenant ork (level 105) -

    12. Revenant dark beast (level 120) -

    13. Revenant knight (level 126) -

    Revenant's Drop:

    Corrupt dragon battleaxe (2.4m) -

    Corrupt dragon dagger (45.6k) -

    Corrupt dragon longsword (830k) -

    Corrupt dragon mace (96.2k) -

    Corrupt dragon scimitar (2.3m) -

    Corrupt dragon spear (69.8k) -

    Corrupt dragon chainbody (173,7k) -

    Corrupt dragon med helm (61.5k) -

    Corrupt dragon platelegs (75.4k) -

    Corrupt dragon plateskirt (73.4k) -

    Corrupt dragon sq shield (99.6k) -

    Broken statue headdress (5k) -

    Third age carafe (10k) -

    Bronzed dragon claw (20k) -

    Ancient psaltery bridge (30k) -

    Saradomin amphora (40k) -

    Bandos Scrimshaw (50k) -

    These artefacts can then be traded to Mandrith in Edgeville bank or Nastroth in Lumbridge Castle's courtyard for a sum of cash, according to the type of artefact.

    P.S Revenants huting -

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    Post by Mirador33 on 2011-11-23, 16:51

    Very Happy very nice guide nicotine

    Nicotine Cat

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    Re: Revenants guide. [F2P]

    Post by Nicotine Cat on 2011-11-23, 19:29

    Mirador33 wrote: Very Happy very nice guide nicotine
    Jarex k

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    Re: Revenants guide. [F2P]

    Post by Jarex k on 2011-11-26, 22:05

    Proo guide! Nice one Very Happy

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    Re: Revenants guide. [F2P]

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