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    How to PK Guide!


    Casb | Waging

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    How to PK Guide!

    Post by Casb | Waging on 2011-12-25, 17:39

    Okay, Pking is simple and easy if you have the right level's and items. I recommend you make a pure to pk. The best Pking skill's are: Mage, and Ranged. Just focus on those skills to become a good pker.

    What you will need to PK: Shark, Cavefish, or Monkfish. If you do not have enough money to afford any of these foods you can also loot them.

    Once having 20 spaces of food you will need to get good clothing. Then get Magic or Ranged potion (4). You are just about ready to PK, remember when you risk big you get BIG!

    If you have 60 Attack get a Dragon Dagger, Dragon Claws, or a Dragon Scimitar. And preform a special attack when they are low on life.

    I hoped this helped you, Enjoy PKing!



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    Re: How to PK Guide!

    Post by Guitar on 2011-12-25, 18:26

    This is a horrible


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    Re: How to PK Guide!

    Post by Wreck on 2011-12-26, 00:14

    Bar wrote:This is a horrible

    And theres no such thing as a guide for pking, only techniques involved in it, e.g. how to combo etc.

    force fedx

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    Post by force fedx on 2012-02-22, 09:58

    helped me thnx!

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    Re: How to PK Guide!

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