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    Runecrafting Guide! @ Mirador33


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    Runecrafting Guide! @ Mirador33

    Post by Mirador33 on 2012-01-10, 03:54

    Hello and Welcome to mY runecrafting Guide. This guide contains on how to train the Runecrafting skill.
    If you like this guide please coment. Also on Services if you want any course just post on my post of Couses.
    After starting I You Will need to know that the Runecrafting skill is not fast. It actually Takes time.
    So lets start.

    To start we will be making Air Runes from Level 1 to 14. You will need 422 Runes.

    The Air Altar is locates next to the road to Barbian village From Varrock.

    Now, from 14 to 20 you will need fire runes, you will need 338. The Fire rune altar is located on Al karid next to the Duel Arena.

    From 20 to 30 You will need Body Rune. THe Body Rune altar is located next to the Barbarian village. For 30 you will require 1.186 runes.
    -------------------------READ THIS-------------------
    This is optional and is for your choice. From Level 20 you can use Earth Altar(i started at 30). But you will need Earth Gloves. To get Earth Gloves you will need to play the Minigame of Fist of Guthix. The Runecrafting Earth Gloves give 6.5 more exp in each rune and last for 1k Rune ess. Use the Earth Altar from level 20(if you want) to 45 (if you want i recomend 50)

    For this method you will need Tiaras. Body Tiaras. This method can be done from level 1. But also this is the most Expensive method.--------------------------------------

    From level 50 to 60 (you can make it as far as you want) make nature runes. You Will need a Ring of Dueling, and spirit Graahk Summon. SUmmoning opuch if you want and Rune ess. Teleport with the Summon, craft the Runes and then teleport to Castle Wars with the Ring of Dueling. You can use this method from 50 to 99 but it will take alot of Runes and alot of time.

    This is a small and short Runecrafting Guide I made I hope you have enjoyed it Very Happy
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    Post by force fedx on 2012-02-22, 09:55

    coool not bad!

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